some of my "Scratch" practice videos.

N E X T E V E N T S ( R Ī G A, L V - T A R T U, T A L L I N N, E E )

brrrrah, es šonedēļ tur un šur ar DJ setiem, Rīga-Tartu-Tallinn. brovas and sistas, can’t wait to see you all! 
10/04/2019 de flou, Rīga, LV
12/04/2019 Shooters, Tartu, EE
13/04/2019 Studio, Tallinn, EE


N E X T E V E N T S ( T A R T U, E E - J E L G A V A, L V )

This week i'm in Tartu, Estonia, spinnin' records at my favorite place "Shooters", this time with DJ Ruff! and next day we continue our "TWO on TOUR" event series with DJ Dub:ra and Funky DJ Elegant in Jelgava, Latvia. 
Facebook: 29/3/19 Reede at Shooters.
Facebook: 30/3/19 TWO on TOUR at Melno Cepurīšu Balerija (powered by Jagermeister) 



J A Z Z A T O M Y - Õ I S U J A Z Z

pictures from Õisu Jazz 2019. Jazzatomy 

Jazzatomy. Õisu Jazz 2019


J A Z Z A T O M Y - G I V E I T T I M E

Latest Jazzatomy track Give it Time is on Soundcloud.
Check it Out!


C L U B S T U D I O - P I C T U R E S

Hallaa, catch the pictures of #blaze party at club Studio in Tallinn, Estonia.
all of them: CLICK HERE!

club Studio


N E X T E V E N T S ( T A L L I N N, E E - V I L J A N D I, E E)

I’m on the road this week with my superduper crew Jazzatomy, on Friday (22/3/19) we jazzin' in Tallinn (Philly Joe'sand on Saturday (23/3/19) in Viljandi (Õisu). #jazz #live #estonia

Facebook: Evilena Protektore & Jazzatomy (Läti)

Jazzatomy - Color of Summer album: https://jazzatomy.com

«Jazzatomy» band was founded by two musicians — pianist Artjoms Sarvi and a jazz singer Evilena Protektore. The band’s lineup is very unusual: a traditional jazz ensemble consisting of drums, double bass, piano, horn section and vocals with the add on of a classical string quartet, turntable artist, Chile's native instruments and hip-hop elements.


V I D E O R E C A P - S T U D I O

Friday @Studio "downstairs" was LIT! 
DJ Trigga (EST) x PM2THEAM
Check it Out y'all!


P M 2 T H E A M S H I T . D J M I X

Tere, мой jaunais DJ mix “SHIT.”: new shit, old shit, good shit, bad shit, simple shit, scratch shit, shit shit! 
a, un в этот раз iekšā 1 RU shit un 1 LV shit, eksperimenti, blendi un shit.
ček it aut мой shit!

Hip-Hop shit, Salsa shit, Funk shit, Beats shit un Ova shit.

N E X T E V E N T S ( P A R N U, E E - R I G A, L V )

# events : 19/04/19  Puhvet A.P.T.E.K. , Pärnu, EE  20/04/19  Kitsch , Rīga, LV

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