Jazzatomy at European Night Of the Museums

SAT: 21/05/2016 - 22:00 Jazzatomy @Jewish Community of Latvia, Skolas 6, Rīga
Read more about event here: http://www.jews.lv/en/announcement/museum-night

Jazz musicians, classical string quartet, brass section and electronical effects of a DJ/Turntablist - this is not a random musicians order, but the whole process that makes a special world out of sounds and remakes it within every second.

Evilena Protektore — Vocals
Artjoms Sarvi — Piano
Toms Rudzinskis — Saxophone
Krišjānis Bremšs — Drums
Jānis Rubiks — Doublebass
Dmitrijs Šaligins — Turntables

Free Entrance


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