18/8/16 - @ROCK CAFE 
I'm spinnin' records at Funky Breakout Party this thursday with DJ's Rudd & All-Viss.
Mārstaļu 2/4, Rīga, Latvia

20/8/16 - @STUDIO 
On Saturday i'm at one of the finest clubs in Tallinn playing Urban sounds alongside DJ Quest.
Sauna 1, Tallinn, Estonia
Facebook Event!

 12/8/16 - @TINTE 
Tērbatas 4, Valmiera

Aspāzijas bulvāris 3, Rīga
Facebook Event
Pictures from Baldones WATERFEST 2016 is on Facebook, Check it Out!

YO! Video from Granatos LIVE Festival is here! #TWO

YO! Looking forward to hanging out with all the good people in Lithuania this week!
Hope to see y'all on Friday 5/8/16 @GRANATOS LIVE Festival and 6/8/16 @Studio 9, Vilnius!
I'm Sure that my buddy DJ Dub:ra is pretty exited about this too, we playing sounds back 2 back as #TWO!

as #TWO - DJ Dub:ra & PM2THEAM
Lietuvos liaudies buities muziejus
L.Lekavičiaus g.2, Rumšiškes, Lithuania

 6/8/16 - @STUDIO 9 
as #TWO - DJ Dub:ra & PM2THEAM
Gedimino 9, Vilnius, Lithuania