YO! Looking forward to hanging out with all the good people in Lithuania this week!
Hope to see y'all on Friday 5/8/16 @GRANATOS LIVE Festival and 6/8/16 @Studio 9, Vilnius!
I'm Sure that my buddy DJ Dub:ra is pretty exited about this too, we playing sounds back 2 back as #TWO!

as #TWO - DJ Dub:ra & PM2THEAM
Lietuvos liaudies buities muziejus
L.Lekavičiaus g.2, Rumšiškes, Lithuania

 6/8/16 - @STUDIO 9 
as #TWO - DJ Dub:ra & PM2THEAM
Gedimino 9, Vilnius, Lithuania

N E X T E V E N T S ( T A R T U, E E )

I'm playing dem party joints all night long this friday in Shooters - Tartu, Estonia!Facebook event here:  https://ej.uz/ShootersAug ...

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