Jazzatomy: Colors Of Summer

05/01/18 @Pashkevich Jazz Club - 21:00

Jazz musicians, percussions, electronical effects of 
a DJ and other surprises — this is not a random musicians order, but the whole process called Jazzatomy that makes a special world out of sounds and remakes it within every second. The band is founded by one of the most talented jazz piano players Artem Sarvi and a well-known jazz singer, educator Evilena Protektor, and the program consists of their compositions.
Evilena Protektor - vocal, compositions
Artem Sarvi - keys, compositions
Toms Lipskis - double bass
Miguel Andres Hernandez Giraldi - percussions
Kristaps Lubovs - saxophone
Krišjānis Bremšs - drums
Dmitry Shaligin - turntables

Ticket price: 10 EUR. 
Tickets available at the club 1 hour before the concert. Table reservation - +371 25642429

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