D I G G P O S T ! - # 4 0

I'm back with digging series, #40 playlist is up on my soundcloud page.
Check it out! Music featuring: Sully, Juelz, Ruby Chase, Tsuruda, potions, Modestep, Virtual Riot, Jeffrey.Twine, Party Favor, GTA, Raptr, Karma, VCTRE, Desemba, Shield, Jon1st, IAMBZAR, Nerak, Kanye West, Ashvin, K Le Maestro, Maffalda, kLap, Tom Thomson, Huisman, Skan, El Speaker, Highdiwaan, s.charles, Louis Futon, Father Funk.

N E X T E V E N T S ( T A L L I N N, E E - V I L J A N D I, E E)

I’m on the road this week with my superduper crew Jazzatomy , on Friday (22/3/19) we jazzin' in Tallinn ( Philly Joe's )  and on Sa...

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